The software has been primarly designed for ease of use and designed specifically to illustrate key concepts used in schools curriculum. Once the software is licensed to a school, the software can be taken home by the students at that school. Since files are stand alone this is easily done.

The software evolved out of necessity. I wanted some software for my class and since the software available didn't do exactly what I needed them to do, I started writing software in 1996 to fill the void. The software evolved to fill numerous roles. 

  • As a demontstration aid
  • To help illustrate hard to visualize concepts, 
  • Able to collect data quickly and easily when used in a lab based situation, 
  • An easy way to create graphics for tests and quizzes.

The resulting software has been extensively used in the classroom, with the functionality and content in the software constantly been added.

So the software is an ideal resource for teacher and school use. It has been created by a teacher, for teachers.

Be sure to try the software..

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Updated:Feb 2013