Download the latest version for evaluation here! (0.9 MB) 

This program can be used in replace of or be used as an extension to the air table in the classroom.
It also can be used for demonstrations in many units in physics.

Most recent additions:
  •  LOTS of built in collisions! Examples include:
    • How planetary gravity assists work.
    • Monkey gun demo
    • Numerous 1-D and 2-D collisions with explainations on what to do.

For two masses in motion
  • 2-D interactions
    • Elastic collisions
    • Inelastic collisions
    • Partial elastic collisions
    • "Explosions"
    • Electrostatic interactions
    • show that Direction of center of mass is conserved
  • Demonstrate the "monkey gun"
  • 1-D interactions
    • same as 2-D but spring can be used as well
    • verify Newtons third law
For one mass motion
  • change angle of table in 2-D to analyse parabolic motion
  • Add a force and verify newtons 2nd law in 1-D


Using the built in data table and analysis tools, you can analyze the motion by:

  • Graphing the data and compare the results to theory
  • Manipulating the momentum vectors at any time during the motion
  • Copy the data and analyze it in another program (i.e. a spreadsheet) for other analysis 
Other features:
  • Save and load Experiments for quick replay for class use. (Instructions can be saved with file.)
  • Copy and paste screen shots for test and quiz use (see examples below)
  • Measure distances and angles on screen using the built in ruler and protrator
  • Change what values you want traced on the screen and at what frequency
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The Virtual Air table is set at a price of $25 (U.S.).  Due to the richness in depth and versatility of the program, it is worth much more!

For a single school
To order the program for your school and receive the registration codes and individual program immediately upon registration, click Here.

For a district/board or multiple schools
If you would like to buy a license for multiple schools contact me at "info (at)" I will configure the program to include your district/board logo for easy use at all the schools you register for. No registration codes will be required to run the file.

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Sample Screen Shots

Main Screen
Data Table
Graph Options
Vector Analysis
air Data table Graph options Vectors

Collisions using same initial data with center of mass being traced.
Elastic collision
Semi-Elastic collision
Explosion collision
Calculate missing data
elastic Inelastic Explosion Analysis

Measure Angles and Distances on Screen
Ruler Protractor
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Be sure to check out Subscribe to me on YouTube For videos on how the software can be used.

Electrostatic Interaction
Start from loading Experiment.
Change dot frequency when done.
Vector Analysis
Comparing momentum vectors for
before,after and during collision
electrostatic vectors

Some Simple Interaction Examples
2-D Inelastic Collision
1-D Elastic Collision
1-D Elastic Explosion
1-D Forces
inelastic one-D Explosion Forces

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Updated:Feb  2013