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A great program to practice or drill. A simple single stand alone program.  Enables you to easily enter a class set of names and then have the children use the program whenever they like. They can do any combinations of addition, subtraction, multiplication or Division.

A visual representation of the data using arrays is displayed for addition and multiplication. For division and subtraction they can create their own arrays to answer the questions asked

Students set their own range of numbers and operators to Practice or do a Speed Round. They can even print a certificate with their successes. Teachers can review the results quickly and easily as the program saves previous work. The files created can also be easily deleted from the program. The student can view their times taken to answer questions or have them kept hidden. Teachers however can easily view the results and see what questions took the longest and which were answered wrong. A GREAT assessment tool!!

Go to Subscribe to me on YouTube to see VFlashCards in Action!

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The  Virtual Flash Cards Program is $20 (U.S.). The program can be used at home by the students enrolled at the school the software is liscensed to.

For a single school
To order the program for your school and receive the registration codes and individual program immediately upon registration, click Here.

For a district/board or multiple schools
If you would like to buy a license for multiple schools contact me at "info (at)". I will configure the program into one file and include your district/board logo for easy use at all the schools you register for. No registration codes will be required to run the file.
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Sample Screen Shots

Main Screen
Sorting History
Mix and match
Speed Round
Multiplication Results Mix and match Speed round
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Be sure to check out Subscribe to me on YouTube for videos on how the software can be used.

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Updated:Feb  2013