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Huygens' principle, the fact that light as a wave can be considered to be a series of point sources, can be used to explain many of properties that light waves exhibit. Use the program to illustrate the following properties of light:
  • Reflection
  • Refraction
  • Critical Angle
  • Wave front
  • Wave propogation
  • Verify Snell's law
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The  Virtual Huygens' Program is $20 (U.S.). The program can be used at home by the students enrolled at the school the software is liscensed to.

For a single school
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For a district/board or multiple schools
If you would like to buy a license for multiple schools contact me at "info (at)". The program(s) of your choice can be configured into one file and can include your district/board logo for easy use at all the schools you register for. No registration codes will be required to run the file.
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Sample Screen Shots

Main Screen
Total Internal
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Updated:Feb  2013